This program is for those seeking to have everything set up for them under the affiliate licensing of NHCG TRICHOLOGY LLC. The program is a flexible schedule but should be completed at most by 6 months (12 sessions) after signing the Affiliate contract. Sessions are held virtually for 30-45 minutes depending on the agenda of the meeting. Sessions may be one on one or in small groups of no more than 3 persons to enable personalized attention and care. Once the program is complete, an Affiliate plaque will be sent with a welcome package to you. The plaque must be displayed visibly to the public along side a acknowledgement of completion of the program. Perks include- Exclusive access to tools (free vendors list) & trainings (video) for all our Trichology therapies, FREE marketing (social media) and wholesale pricing for all our products- 30% off (1/2 a dozen minimums). Learn in-depth about the industry, learn about marketing and scaling to find the right clients.

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Please reach out via email if you need further clarification.