We bundled 5 of our high performing all natural products and created a winning hair regimen that's sure to ensure that your hair and scalp receive healing and restoration in 2021. Purchasing this bundle means that I COMMIT to; 1. Using CLEAN SCALP at least once to twice a month to clarify my scalp from the build up from products, hard water, salts/sweat/dirt that have lodged in the hair follicles and clogged them. 2. Applying the BALANCE HAIR MASQUE to the length of my hair from root to tips, leaving it on for at least 45 mins every wash day or at least twice a month. Gently massaging the masque on the scalp and shaft of my hair to ensure all the potent natural ingredients like Aloe Vera juice, hydrolyzed wheat protein, honey and cayenne pepper are fully absorbed. 3. Applying the 10+ RESTORATIVE SCALP SERUM directly on the scalp- this aloe vera based formula is completely absorbed by the scalp, deeply nourishing the follicles and strengthening them. 4. Misting my hair with TEAONIC hair tonic at least once a day, it's hibiscus tea extracts and essential oils will help add lasting moisture and shine to the length of my hair. 5. Sealing the moisture with CUTICLE THERAPY- the non-greasy all natural butter blend that will keep my hair especially the ends with long lasting moisture. I commit to doing this at least three times a week. By buying these 5 products, I commit to healthier hair practices in 2021, practices that include- avoiding excessive heat, manipulating wet hair, pulling and tugging along the hair line, wearing hairstyles (wigs included) that are not protective. I make this commitment today!

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This is a 2-3 months supply bundle and can be re-purchased at this discounted price while stock lasts.